Who Is Stronger, Naruto Uzumaki or Hashirama Senju? Explained

Who Is Stronger, Naruto Uzumaki or Hashirama Senju? Explained  Featured Image

Ever crossed the question in your mind that who is stronger? Is it Naruto or Hashirama?! Today I’ll explaining few key points on who is stronger!

I’ll be giving Edge to Naruto or Hashirama according to their Abilities.

1. Senjutsu and Bijuu Mode


Naruto mastered Toad Sage mode and it has incredible strength however it has it’s limits, after certain duration his Sage Mode will run out,and he will need to gather Natural Energy to go into Sage mode again!

Naruto vs Hashirama battle

However as we know Naruto unlocked the Six Paths powers and while Naruto is in Sage Mode, he could also use 9 Tails Mode and has Chakra of all other 8 tailed beasts! Even without Six Paths Mode and Charka of all 8 tailed beasts Naruto and Kurama(Yang Kurama) were able to over power 5 tailed beasts with ease!


Hashirama’s  Sage Mode allows him to use Senjutsu without any time limit and it’s incredibly powerful as we saw him beating Madara’s Susanoo + 9 Tails to Pulp with True Several Thousand Hands.

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Edge: Naruto Uzumaki

2. Summoning


Naruto is able to summon multiple and huge toads from mount Myoboku, they are extremely strong and pretty good in fight.

Hashirama vs Naruto battle


This isn’t exactly a summoning method but however Hashirama is seen using this on few occasions vs Tailed Beast and Susanoo. And he beat them to pulp without breaking a sweat.

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Edge: Hashirama Senju

3. Sage Powers


Naruto is a reincarnation of Ashura just like Hashirama, however Hashirama was never able to unlock the Sage Powers, which Naruto did!


As mentioned above, Naruto was able to unlock the Sage Powers, Hashirama couldn’t! And we have seen the power difference after Naruto unlocked the Sage Powers.

Edge: Naruto Uzumaki

4. Experience

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Hashirama has been fighting the war since he was a child while on the other hand Naruto has very less experience as compared to Hashirama Senju

Edge: Hashirama Senju


Naruto: 2 | Hashirama: 2

Naruto and Hashirama both are incredibly strong and if they were to battle at their full power, the battle would be really close, however Hashirama’s healing power would make a great impact on the battle. On the other hand Naruto is pretty good in surprising his opponents, like mixing himself with his shadow clones.

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According to my calculations and all the points mentioned in this post, Naruto Uzumaki would win the battle, however it’ll be really very close What do you think?! Comment and let us know!

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